Push yourself out of solids by disabling and enabling collisions and gain huge momentum in order to clear gaps and obstacles while avoiding deadly lasers.

Outer Bounds takes a glitch found in games where if a player gets stuck in a solid, the game tries to push them out. This bug is used as the main mechanic in the game.

Made for the WOWIE 2.0 Jam (Placed 2nd!)

Theme of the jam: Intended Bugs


Hold W - Disable Collision

Release W - Enable Collision

A and D - Left and Right

R - Retry

Sounds and Music from Freesounds.org

Updated 17 days ago
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, glitch, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


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This is amazing! What engine or was this made in?

Thank you! This game was made in Construct 3.


Using collision detection and correction as a mechanic was such a cool idea. Glad you did so well in the jam!

Outer Bounds starts at 14:58


Wow, very nice collision mechanics! Great game!


Hi! Good game, talked about it here https://topindie.games/outer-bounds/

Hope you keep doing good games!


Really cool, this is practically Lemillion simulator


I was just about to write that when I saw your comment.


Hey, awesome game, loved it so much, I just had to speedrun it.

So there ya go, sub-60, no-deaths. Still some room for improvement, but I'm pretty happy with that. I really love the feel of moving around, made for a great speed game that was fun to master.

:O that's a really good time, great job! Glad you enjoyed the game!

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Amazing game, I just spent a good hour trying to beat the above time :D

The movement feels really fluid and I honestly plan on playing this for a lot longer. Would you ever consider expanding the concept into a larger game?

Edit: I've spent the last couple of days trimming seconds off, I think it's getting close to optimal


Really cool game, it's a clever mechanic, reminds me of the floating water blocks in New Super Mario Bros except with a new twist. Nicely done.


Wow Really fun game, it only took me 7 mins and 41 deaths to beat it. :)
Very interesting core mechanic that I haven't seen before and it felt good when releasing the jump and launching in the air.


The prototype for the next indie hit I see


yoooo this is really good


A very fun game. I got to the end!


You've found many cool Ideas, to use your game mechanic. Well done. Btw this Game-Page looks awesome! How did you create that beackground?

Thank you! The background is just the error boxes copied and pasted on a big picture and repeated by the itch settings. Glad to hear the page looks good I was wondering about that.


i really liked this game, it was super fun! thank you for it!


Cool concept, great execution and fun to speedrun


I was devastated to find myself at the end of this game. Outer Bounds has the makings of a hugely successful game!


very good


That was absolutely amazing! The turning collision off mechanic was a very creative idea, and the sounds and visuals are very good. It was a nice challenge, i think it would be a good idea to continue this project and make it bigger!


Really like the mechanic! Kinda reminds me of Celeste^^ 


Awesome game!

The mechanic was really creative, and the way the mechanic was expanded on throughout the levels was super fun. 


This is really nice! Creative idea, and done neatly! Even the learning curve was good:
It was challenging, yet not too hard!


Loved it!


Amazing game, i managed to beat it. I would like to see this on a bigger scale.